A lot of vegans today say that their one regret is they didn’t become vegan sooner, but let’s not kid ourselves, it would have been so tough! I mean, salad? I’m not a rabbit!

True, with all of the vegan food options and information, being a vegan today is better and easier than ever! But, hey, being vegan was never about having fun, being better than others (this one is just a bi-product, jk! – or am I?), or for convenience, am I right?

So, props to all those OG vegans from before the 2000s and 2010s, like before being vegan was “cool”. Thank you for inspiring, educating, and paving the way for myself and all of the vegans that came after. It’s an amazing time time to be vegan. Let’s keep the momentum going! Oh, and can you please pass the tofu? Thank youuu!

A&W Vegan Nuggets

A&W nuggets were pricey AF, but pretty tasty The Taste & Texture The outter batter or crust was super crispy and crunchy. Very satisfying. The inside had a meaty texture and a nice flavour. It wasn’t too strong in flavour, so I ate my 10-piece with a pack (or six) of ketchup (Goddamn ketchup isContinue reading “A&W Vegan Nuggets”

Pho 37 – Vegan Option

This place was not bad. I almost stepped out after looking at the unimpressive vegan selection (Like, where’s my little box of vegan options, and little green leaf logos, huh? Come on now! It’s 2019). The friendly and very persuasive staff convinced me to try some of their stuff. She even threw in some social proof by stating that they have a lot of regular vegan patrons. Okay, so…

Happy Veggie World

Happy Veggie Faux/Mock Meat Supplier in Richmond If a Vegan “chicken” nugget looks like a chicken nugget and tastes like a chicken nugget, is it a chicken nugget? – Jacob H. After hearing about Happy Veggie World from friends over the past 3 years, I finally got to visit them in Richmond this October. MyContinue reading “Happy Veggie World”

Planetary Burger

Planetary Burger in Vancouver on Main Street For those classic burgers and shakes, look no further! They got cute sliders, too, for a little taste of all the flava’s! Planetary Burger is located at 3088 Main St, Vancouver, BC I got to taste all four of their burgers a couple of weeks ago, and myContinue reading “Planetary Burger”

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